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I had this first painting built several months ago, but didn’t quite know where to go with it until I had this aha moment on Monday. I realized that I would use an idea that’s been lying around in my sketchbook for several years. At the time that I made it, I wasn’t sure what to do with it. The strange thing was that the sketch seemed to be tailor-made for this oddly shaped canvas several years later. It was a serendipitous moment to say the least.

I felt inspired after meeting up with artist John Daily  at his exhibition today. After returning to the studio, I immediately jumped into the actual painting of this canvas. I had completed a loose drawing yesterday and often work a lot of detail into my drawings before continuing. Today, however, I decided to let the painting simply unfold. With this one, I am going to try and let the brush strokes remain loose. It’s probably too early to see what this painting represents, so I’ll tell you that it’s loosely based on a city scene. It might even remind those of you, who know my work well, of my “discarded scapes”. I think that this painting will actually be a long awaited continuation of that series.


I am also experimenting with electricity (!) lately and am thinking of incorporating LED lighting on the back of some of my paintings. Below is a picture of a lighting example on my latest painting, “Span”. The lighting doesn’t produce any heat and is arranged on pliable strips that can be adhered anywhere. I am curious to see what others think. The lighting is a little cold, but I might try to warm it up with a gel or something…

Still in the development stages when it comes to incorporating lighting, but it’s an idea I’ve been exploring for a long time, now.